Committed to Reproductive Justice

I recently applied for a job that required a statement of commitment to reproductive justice along with my cover letter and resume. I was a little worried about the two paragraph limit, but I managed to cram a lot of information in there. This was an absolute joy to write, and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!

Statement of Commitment to Reproductive Justice

I had an abortion two years ago, and I have never apologized for it. Abortion is healthcare, and women seeking abortions – regardless of the reason – deserve the right to access that care freely and privately – just like any other procedure.  I believe the right to safe and legal abortion should include access to care. The Hyde Amendment restricts abortion access by placing an unnecessary financial burden on women, leading many to take drastic and unsafe measures. The recent attacks on women’s reproductive rights have compounded existing barriers women face in accessing healthcare. Clinics are closing at an alarming rate, placing even the most basic reproductive healthcare needs out of reach for millions of women across America. I am passionate in my belief that all women deserve the right to choose when or if they become mothers, and I have devoted nearly all of my free time to activism. In addition to speaking at public rallies and legislative hearings, I regularly volunteer as a clinic defender for Reproductive Health Services in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. There I ensure client safety and privacy is maintained and that patients are aware of their rights under the FACE Act. When Operation Save America held their annual convention outside my local abortion clinic, I took a week of vacation from my full-time job so I could work with other volunteers to secure the clinic and provide a welcoming environment for clients.

When anti choice fanatics attempted to rent the building next door to the clinic, which would have been a significant security threat, the clinic owner rented the property herself. As founder and president of Montgomery Humanists, I coordinated with Lady Parts Justice League and our small team of volunteers to host a fundraiser that allowed us to secure an additional three months on the lease for the property.  More recently, I started a campaign on social media that allows individuals to pledge donations for specific buzzwords and phrases the anti-choice protesters usually shout at patients. By making the pledge amounts and the rules of the game visible to the protesters, I’ve sent a clear message that shouting at our patients or attempting to film them will result in financial support for abortion access. Through this campaign, I raised nearly $2,000 in the first two weeks and have successfully silenced the protesters on several occasions. I continue to track prolife organizations in my area and am steadfast in my commitment to reproductive justice and abortion access as a basic right.


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